view-pcoip-linux-clntI am happy to report that I have managed to get the VMware View PCoIP Client to work on openSUSE Linux 12 with the GNOME 3 desktop environment. The first client I tried was the VMware View Open Client, which is an open source project. However the View Open Client does not support PCoIP and only connects to the View desktops using RDP. As I am not a fan of RDP, I was keen on getting PCoIP to work.

Some background as to why I needed the PCoIP View Client to work on Linux:

Generally for remote access to my lab, I use the VMware View PCoIP Client for Windows, Android and iOS (on the iPad). VMware has made the PCoIP client available on all of these platforms, but no Linux PCoIP client has been released. This article should get you up and running, but bear in mind that it is not supported by VMware.

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